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Testing a Blipp

To test blipps during development process, you need a marker (one you published or one from the demos) to trigger and track the blipp, and to side-load your files (including code files) to a shared folder on the device.
When blipping the marker, the side-loaded blipp will load instead of the regular one. To return to usual blipping behavior, clear the shared folder on your device.

Note that the marker dimensions and aspect ratio will influence blipp behavior in scale and peel.

Below are documented the side loading methods for iOS and Android devices:

Side loading files on iOS device with OS X or Windows computer


Side loading:

  • 1. Connect the iOS device via USB cable to the computer
  • 2. Open iTunes and select the device
  • 3. Go to File Sharing under Settings section and select Blippar from the list
  • 4. Add (or drag and drop) files to the Blippar Documents folder (empty by default)
  • Note: the files should a flat dump of the files contained in the assets and javascript folders



Side loading files on Android device with OS X, Windows or Linux computer


  • On the computer use an internet browser
  • On the device install this APK: blippjs-sideload.apk. If the device does not allow APK to install, you can unblock it by going to Settings › Security and check the box next to Unknown sources. A dialogue box may pop-up asking you to confirm the action, just tap OK to confirm.



Side loading:

  • 1. Connect the Android device and computer to same WiFi network
  • 2. On the device open BlippJS sideload and press START to run the server
  • 3. On the computer type the URL into your browsers address bar. Example:
  • 4. Add files by dragging and dropping them onto the empty white space beneath the top menu or use the ADD FILES dialogue. Overwriting is functional without notifications. When the page finishes loading after an upload of one or multiple files the upload is done.
  • Note: the files should a flat dump of the files contained in the assets and javascript folders


Testing side loaded files

Blippar App:

  • 1. Launch the Blippar App
  • 2. Point you device to a marker: one you already have published, or the following one
  • Note: to trigger the side-loaded files instead of the ones from the blipp associated with the marker, make sure you are logged in as a developer (Settings > Developer)