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Videos for textures within blipps

Videos sent to the user with the blipp that play on the models as animated textures.

Please note that playing multiple videos as textures at the same time can be too much even for the most powerful devices.


There is one tested video codec that works on all devices on the market:
• The video codec is MPEG-4 (FFmpeg)
• File type must be MP4



• Quality: Average Bitrate (kbps) 100-2000
• Frame rate: 10-30 FPS, variable
• Tested dimensions: 640x360, 480x270, 240x135, 320x320, 240x240 pixels



• There is no audio in the decoded MP4 file
• To add sound associate it with an .MP3. file.
• Also, to cut down on the file size delete the soundtrack from the MP4 when encoding.


Video size in pixels and bytes

Due to some limitations on devices for decoding and playback the maximum size is 640 pixels for the width (or lower multiple of 8) and 480 pixels for the height.

If the video ends up too big after encoding you can decrease either resolution or quality. Frame rate rarely influences the size of compressed videos dramatically



model.playVideo(delayms, filename);



model.playVideo(200, 'Ravens_PV_10-08OA_720p_0.mp4'); 
// file must be included in the required assets



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