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Videos for online usage

Videos hosted online on servers that are played from within the app in full screen mode. The videos can also be included in the blipp package but due to size this is recommended in very few cases.


• The video codec is H264 - AVC MPEG-4
• The audio codec is mpeg4aac
• File type must be MP4



• Quality: Normal
• Frame rate: same as source video but not higher than 30 FPS
• Aspect ratio: must be 16:9 so it doesn’t stretch on Android devices. If it is not in this aspect, ratio black edges must be added to the original video before encoding or at the same time as encoding (if the program allows for it).



• Quality: 80 kbps
• Channels: 2 channels stereo
• Sample rate: 44100 Hz
• Volume: 100%


Video size in pixels and bytes

Due to some limitations on older devices the dimension must be limited at 640 pixels width, so to keep the 16:9 aspect ratio the height must be 360. Modern devices go up to 1080p at 30FPS.

If the video ends up too big after encoding - try to keep the video under 3MB per minute, the resolution can be lowered but not under 480x270 pixels.



scene.playInAppVideo(url, localfilename, delayms);

// or, if you want a function to be called when the user closes the player:
scene.playInAppVideo(url, localfilename, delayms).onEnd = function() {...}





scene.playInAppVideo('', 'Ravens_PV_10-08OA_720p_0.mp4', 500);
// file must be included in the required assets