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All the models in Blippar's space, marker or screen bound are 3D meshes but some are programmatically generated and some are pre-made in a 3D program such as Autodesk's 3DS MAX or Blender.

Importing 3D models

You can find a FBX online converter on the Converters page that will allow you to convert a FBX model into Blippar's format, along with all the necessary code for blipp integration in JavaScript.
  • upload the FBX file to the converter
  • download the resulting archive
  • add the geometry and texture files into the blipp assets directory
  • use the snippet of code found in main.js to integrate the 3D model into your own blipp code



The general rules for 3D model standards coincide with Turbosquid's CheckMate PRO Certification:


  • Quads and triangles only
  • Mostly quads - The model must use quads as much as possible. Triangles may be used where necessary for good edge flow.


Clean Geometry

  • No isolated vertices
  • No coincident vertices
  • No coincident/coplanar faces
  • Face normals point outward
  • No empty objects


Centering at Origin

  • 3D World is centered at 0,0,0 origin
  • Positive Z is above marker plane


Reset Transforms

  • Oriented to World up-axis - The obvious "up" side of the model must be pointing toward the World up axis. In other words, the model can't be lying on its side or upside-down when the file is opened.
  • Position and rotation transforms frozen/reset - Exception: This requirement does not apply to 3ds Max.
  • 3ds Max Requirement: All objects should be at 100% scale at object level


Textures and Materials

  • At least one material must be applied to the model to represent real-world object surfaces.
  • Textures applied where appropriate.
  • Texture files and nodes named descriptively - Texture filenames or prefixes Image, Pic, or Picture are not acceptable.
  • Materials named descriptively
  • Relative texture paths, or no texture paths, referenced by model



  • No obvious texture stretching on model
  • Seams hidden in less visible areas of model
  • People and animals must have unwrapped UVs



  • Animation must play smoothly - No obvious glitches or hitches
  • Animation designated as "looping" must loop smoothly
  • No spikes in the animation graph