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No hard edges are exporting in blippar

Possible Cause Preserve Hard Edges is turned off in the export options. You would only want these turned off if you do not need normal data and wish to optimize your mesh file size.
Resolution Turn on Preserve Hard Edges.

Texture on my meshes are not appearing inside blippar

Possible Cause The model does not have any uvw coordinates
Resolution Apply a UVW Map modifier to your mesh and/or unwrap the texture coordinates using the Unwrap UVW modifier.

My meshes are rendering inverted, but my normals look fine

Possible Cause Your mesh transform could have a negative scale, due to bad mirroring duplication.
Resolution Reset you mesh transform with the XForm Utility, warning: animations / skins will break and should be reapplied.

Resources Missing: internal.node.white

Possible Cause Your blipp does not contains a file called internal.node.white
Resolution When you export a file called internal.node.white will copy to your assets folder, this is really just a white PNG image that is used to texture objects which do not have any other texture applied. Try exporting again to include this file in your assets folder.

My animated Meshes are stretched/skewed

Possible Cause Unknown cause
Resolution Make sure you reset your transform before animating your meshes and the additional transform data is causing the animation skew.

Lights do not move correctly with their attached parent when their parent is animated

Possible Cause Prior to BlippEngine 9, all lights which were parented would move relative to the parents (local transform) despite being attached in world space. Therefore any scales applied to the parent geometry (or it's parents) would be ignored.
Resolution Reset all the scales for all parent geometry with the Reset Xform tool.

My transparent objects are not showing geometry behind them? (or any render problem with transparency)

Possible Cause Transparent object generally need to be rendered after ALL opaque geometry. The exporter does handle this, but only if the transparent objects in your scene are flat (have no parents). The BlippEngine (version 15) does not sort geometry and renders children straight after their parents, so we cannot push transparent children to the end of the render queue.
Resolution Make sure all your transparent objects do not have any parents (optionally, create a Top Level group called 'zzzzzzzz' and this will place it at the bottom of the render order (nodes are processed alphabetically).

Something not displaying right a.k.a. where are my lights ( or other non-renderable node types)

Possible Cause Certain node types are (normally) invisible inside the BlippEngine, you can only infer they are there by how they react to other geometry i.e. lights illuminate objects, groups move multiple children in one go.
Resolution Turn on Debug Nodes Transforms in the advanced export options of the Export dialog.

File not found: /system..

Possible Cause The blipp engine does not download any resources if the name begins with 'system.'.
Resolution Rename any files that start with 'system.'