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NO MATERIAL The color of this object is defined by the wire color.
STANDARD MATERIAL Supports: diffuse, specular, opacity, self Illumination, diffuse and opacity maps
Other material types may export but the rendering in blippar will not match renders inside 3dsmax. It is unadvised to use other material types and they should always be converted to standard materials.
2-Sided Renders both front and back faces
Diffuse Color Set the diffuse colour and/or diffuse texture
Specular Color Set the specular color
Self-Illumination Color Set the self illumination strength or colour
Opacity Set the alpha strength and/or alpha texture
Specular Level Set the specular strength, if set to 0 a matt material is used.
Glossiness Set the shininess level of the material.
Maps - Diffuse Color If enabled a bitmap MUST be applied to diffuse map
Maps - Opacity Color If enabled a bitmap MUST be applied to opacity map
object.setTexture(['diffuse.jpg', 'alpha.jpg']);
Tile Determines if clamp or wrap modes are used for U & V directions
object.setTextureEdges(['hWrap', 'vClamp']);
Tiling Sets the tiling properties for this texture
Texture MUST be a power of 2 or this settings will be ignored
Offset Sets the offset properties for this texture
Texture MUST be a power of 2 or this settings will be ignored
Bitmap You can change the source bitmap location here
Mono Channel Output Determine if the alpha channel for this texture should be used (for PNGs only)
For AlphaJPEG mode, this must be set to 'RGB Intensity'.
WARNING: When set to 'Alpha' the export will assume the image is the same source as the diffuse map.