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Export Settings Dialog

Preset Drop down of stored presets.
Save Preset Save the current settings to a new preset.
Delete Preset Delete the active preset.
Assets Folder Images, meshes, animations will get placed to here.
Source Folder All javascript files will get placed here.
Export Meshes Will generate mesh asset files
Export Scene Will generate the javascript scene description file
Generate package.json This will create the package.json file, that describes the entry point and dependencies for your blipp. This option will not overwrite any package.json file that already exists inside the source folder
Mesh Format Choose which file format you want to export. B3M or the old (deprecated) MD2 format.
Script Format Change the output style of the generated javascript.
Method Style Choose how the whitespace will affect chained javascript function calls.
Supported Engine Defined the minimum engine version supported by this blipp.
Preserve Hard Edges Makes sure vertices are not shared if they occupy the same location, but require hard edges.
Preserve Instances This will make sure instances will use the mesh asset in the scene definition. This can optimize blipp sizes where instancing is used.
Export Normals Generates normals inside the mesh asset.
Export Hidden Objects Allows hidden objects to also be exported.
Export Texture Coordinates Generates uv coordinates in the mesh asset.
Export Materials When checked, all supported materials will be written to the scene blipp file.
Use Dynamic Lighting This option toggles export of dynamically lit materials in the scene. If disabled, objects will be flat rendered.
Split MultiMat to Meshes Allows support for MultiMat materials. Meshes are split as only one material is supported per mesh.
Export Textures Texture information will be written in the material.
Embed Color This option will multiply the colour information on objects with a texture. This differs from how objects appear when rendered within 3dsmax or displayed in the viewport, but is a common operation applied on materials.
Copy Texture to Assets Folder This will copy any textures found on materials to the assets folder.
Export Lights Generate lights and per mesh light linking definitions.
Auto Start Animations Run all the animations as soon as the blipp starts.
Export Path Animations All path animations will be generated.
Export Vertex Animations All vertex animations will be generated.
Export Animated Normals Separate normal information will be exported per frame.
Export Skin Deformations Meshes with Skin modifiers will be exported.
Bake Animation Force all animated objects to export within a supplied time range.
Sample Step Defines the frame skip parameter for animations. To quickly export fewer frames per animation without affecting the playback speed.
i.e. export at 30FPs with a step of 5 will export 30/5 = 6 frames per second.
Start Start frame number for baked animations.
End End frame number for baked animations.
Path Type How will animations be stored in the animation asset. `Keyframed` currently unsupported
Up Axis Adjusts the exported up axis, by default scenes are Z-UP and match the position of the marker inside the 3dsmax scene.
Scale Factor Modifies the entire scene scale value.
Show Warnings Dialog A warnings dialog will appear when the export has finished, showing errors and potential issues that occurred during that export.
Generate Log Data Generates a detailed log of the export and stores it in the assets folder. This can be used to diagnose issues during export.
Debug Node Positions With this checked, each object will export additional pieces of geometry to show off, pivot points, axis directions, light positions etc.
You do not want this checked in your final production exports.
Float Precision How many decimal places should be exported for floating point numbers.


Export Output

assets/ contains all the assets required by this blipp.
javascript/ contains all the javascript files for this blipp.
javascript/package.json Describes the entry function (script) to the blipp, any library dependencies and any metadata for this blipp.
filename.js The entry point javascript file that matches the name found in *package.json*. This is the first file parsed by the javascript engine when the blipp is first launched.
name/ name of the blipp
version/ internal blipp version number
description description of the blipp
main This will be the entry point javascript file. This is the first file parsed by the javascript engine when the blipp is first launched.
blipp/title the title of this blipp, used within the app for blipp identification
blipp/shortTitle a short title of this blipp, used within the app for blipp identification where space requirements are limited
dependencies what blippar libraries should be downloaded to use with this blipp
dependencies/blippar the version number of the library that will be downloaded