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Authoring 3D Content

Find guides and helpful tips for authoring 3D content on the various 3rd party software supported by Blippar.

Toolbox for 3ds Max

Get the latest releases of the Toolbox here.




Discover how to install and setup the Toolbox within 3ds Max.




Learn how to export your 3ds Max Scenes into Blippar scene format.



Toolbox Interface

Learn how to navigate the Toolbox interface to speed up authoring your content.



Workflow - Blipp Creation

Understand from start to finish how to create a blipp using the Toolbox.




Understand the best way to create 3D geometry for Blippar




Understand how to create materials in so that they appear the same on Blippar as it does within 3ds Max.




Understand how to light your scenes so that your blipps shine within Blippar.




Learn how to create simple and complex animations that will run within Blippar.




Learn ways to speed up and reduce the memory footprint of your blipps




Understand the limitations of blipp creation and how to overcome problems.



Working on Android

Understand how to speed up your workflow while working on Android devices



Working on iOS

Understand how to speed up your workflow while working on iOS devices